This manual contains operating, care, and
maintenance instructions. To assure safe
operation, any user of this firearm must read
and understand this manual before using the
firearm. Failure to follow the instructions and
heed the warnings in this manual can cause
property damage, personal injury, and/or
MODEL 1911 R1 Series
Autoloading Pistols
Remington is a Trademark Registered in the United States Patent and
Trademark Office By Remington Arms Company, Inc.
Printed in the U.S.A. 402833 2.10 ORIG
Page 2 ..... The Ten Command-
ments of Firearm Safety
Page 10 ......Important Parts of the
Page 14 ...... Safe Firearm Handling
Page 15 ......To Load Firearm
Page 18 ......To Unload Firearm
Page 20 ......Cleaning, Lubrication,
and Maintenance
Page 30 ......How to Obtain Parts
and Service
This manual should always accompany this
firearm, and be transferred with it upon
change of ownership.
WARNING! Keep this firearm out of the
reach of children, unauthorized individuals,
and others unfamiliar with the safe handling
of firearms.
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