powered soundbar speaker
ThANk You For ChooSINg ThIS JBL®
The JBL Cinema SB400 powered soundbar speaker system
is a complete, integrated sound system that will create an
extraordinarily realistic cinema experience in your own living
room. The powered soundbar unit can mount on a wall or sit on
a shelf and includes all of the cables you need to connect it to
your TV and your cable/satellite tuner or disc player. The wireless
subwoofer unit supplies all of your entertainment's drama and
impact, and can be placed anywhere without needing to be
connected to the soundbar unit.
We’re confident that this JBL system will provide every note
of enjoyment that you expect – and that when you think about
purchasing additional audio equipment for your home, car or
office, you will once again choose JBL products.
This quick-start guide contains all the information you need to set
up, connect and adjust your new speaker system. For more in-
depth information, go to our Web site:
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quICk-STArT guIdE
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