DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
1.0 Introduction
Thank you for purchasing the JBL DSC260 Digital System Controller, a specialized device designed for overall system
control. It provides electronic crossover, transducer equalization, signal alignment, level matching and protection limiting for
your system. Its advanced design and high quality components, coupled with in-depth acoustical measurements and
extensive listening tests, provides superior sonic performance. By integrating the various system control requirements into
one package, the DSC260 offers unparalleled performance for touring, fixed installation and monitoring requirements.
The DSC260 can be set up in many different configurations offering ultimate flexibility. Mono, two way and three way
defaults are included. The user can also program additional configurations such as mono four, five or six way. Other
configurations include mono four way with the second input feeding either a separate 2 way systems such as a down fill or
delay cluster. The DSC260 flexibility is only limited by the maximum number of inputs and outputs and the users
This manual contains the information necessary to properly set-up and operate your JBL System. The maximum output
capability of your system and its safe operation depends on the controller’s setting and your chosen amplifiers. Carefully
follow this manual’s instructions for a long and productive relationship with your system.
The DSC260 contains the following:
* Active crossover filters with up to 48dB/Octave slopes to divide the audio spectrum into
separate passbands for each transducer. Six outputs can be derived from either of the two
inputs or a sum of both.
* Up to thirty eight bands of parametric or shelving equalization for smoothing system frequency
response over the entire bandwidth and to provide uniform high frequency power response.
(Dependant upon crossover filter requirements)
* 60 storage registers for individual programs including several JBL specific programs such as
Array, Architectural, HLA, SR and DMS.
* Signal delay on inputs and outputs for delay towers and clusters as well as transducer
alignment with up to 630 ms in 21 µs steps.
* Output limiters to protect system transducers from overload damage with adjustable thresholds
and automatic attack and release settings based on crossover frequency for full musical
* Convenient front panel controls for channel muting, programming and level information.
Additional Features
Security Lock Out modes for protecting and hiding program settings
Delay units are selectable in meters, feet or milliseconds
Polarity reversal on each output
Digital gain adjustment from -25 to +4 dB
MIDI sysex dump utilities to save and transfer programs between units and archive settings
Mutes on each output
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