DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
2Output Crossovers 3-6 Use these for mid and high crossover outputs, because outputs 3-6 can use
EQ power from both DSPs. These outputs are typically of higher slope and
can require more EQ.
3Output 1 & 2 EQ As with the Output Crossovers, EQ on outputs 1 & 2 can only come from DSP
4Output 3-6 By getting the outputs of 3-6 EQ’ed correctly, there will be little need for Input
5Input EQ For touch up and taste with what’s left. If there is no more Input EQ available,
adjustment of individual band EQ must be used or EQ must be “de-assigned”
from outputs 1-2 to free up EQ for the inputs. Freeing up EQ on outputs 3-6
will not free up resources for input EQ because the filters come from different
Table 3 Filter Assignment Recommendations
11.11 I’ve done it your way but I need more EQ on Inputs or Outputs 1 & 2: If you have maxed out EQ on the Inputs and Outputs 1
& 2, but have spare filters in outputs 3-6, you need to get more power to the inputs. De-assign Output 1 & 2 EQ and put the
power into Input EQ. After you have the Input EQ assigned, go back and assign your Output 1 & 2 EQ. This time, the
Output 1 & 2 EQ will be taken from other resources.
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