DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
10.5.6 Once the user has left OEM mode, the unit will not display any OEM locked variables. If the user steps on to an
OEM locked variable the display will jump to the next unlocked variable. If all variables in a channel are OEM
locked the display will jump to the next channel.
10.5.7 If the unit is powered down while in OEM mode, the unit will return to OEM locked when the unit is turned back
on with the current password still valid.
10.5.8 An OEM Locked program has a small padlock icon next to the program name when you scroll through using the
Store and Recall Functions.
Note: You cannot store a new program in an OEM locked location. You must delete the OEM locked program first
using the Delete Program option in the Utility menu.
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