DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
10.4.1 The Plus and Minus keys select the program to Recall.
10.4.2 Pressing Access at any time will return to the Default screen.
10.4.3 Pressing Recall a second time will recall the program.
10.5 Security Settings: There are two levels of security for the unit. These are used to protect the parameters or programs from being
inadvertently changed by unqualified users.
10.5.1 Lock Out in the Utilities area. With lock out ON, no variables can be adjusted except Lock Out and no
programs can be stored or recalled. This is the most basic security. Unless you know specifically to unlock the
unit in the Utilities page, the unit will remain free from prying hands.
10.5.2 OEM Lock in the Utilities area. OEM lock allows the user to lock any or all of the variables in a single program
from being seen or adjusted. These locks are stored with the program and are transferred as files are stored and
OEM lock screen.
OEM Lock Off
10.5.3 Pressing Plus from the Utility screen enters the OEM password screen. The user enters a password by using
the Next and Last keys to select the letters and the Plus and Minus keys to change the letters. Pressing
Store/Enter enters the OEM Lock mode. As an example, a password of “KONA” is shown below. Note: The
Factory default programs in locations 1, 2 and 3 come with no OEM password. These can be used to create your
own OEM programs.
OEM Password screen.
10.5.4 Once in the OEM Lock set-up mode the user moves around the Input and Output screens as if selecting
variables to adjust. The utility screens are not accessible in Lock set-up, nor are the Store and Recall screens.
In the Lock set-up mode, the unit is always unlinked i.e. variables have to be locked/unlocked individually, they
cannot be locked in stereo pairs. The user can see the variable names and values if they are not locked. If the
variable is unlocked, the current value is displayed. If the variable is locked the value is replaced with a key. The
type of Lock Set-up - OEM - is indicated at the top right of the screen. The edited symbol is not displayed in the
Lock set-up mode.
10.5.5 Variables are locked and unlocked with the Plus and Minus keys.
Polarity on Output 5 - OEM unlocked - selecting variables for OEM lock
OUT 5 High OEM
Polarity on Output 3 - OEM locked - User still in OEM Mode
OUT 3 Hi Mid
Polarity 3
The Lock set-up process is finished with the Store/Enter key. The unit now comes back to the password screen
with the current password on the screen. The user can change the password by using the Next and Last keys to
select the letters and the Plus and Minus keys to change the letters. Below the password “KONA” has been
changed to “KIZ.” Pressing Store/Enter stores the new password and returns the user to the Utility menu.
OEM Password change screen.
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