DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
9.5 More than you probably want to know about filter/EQ assignment: The crossovers and EQs share DSP resources and there
are 2 filter resource 'buckets' (one in each 56004 DSP chip.) All of the filters for EQs and crossovers come from these
resources and have certain constraints that are followed in assignment. The table below summarizes how the resources are
DSP # Total Filters Output 1& 2
Output 3-6
Input EQ Output 1&2
Outputs 3-6
DSP1 18 All None All All Second
DSP2 20 None All None None First
* The EQ for outputs 3-6 may come from either DSP 1 or DSP 2, but DSP 2 filters are used first (unless all DSP 2 resources
are allocated.)
There are 18 filters in DSP 1, and 20 in DSP 2.
All of the crossover filters for outputs 1 & 2 comes from DSP 1.
All of the crossover filters for outputs 3-6 come from DSP 2.
All of the Input EQ comes from DSP 1.
All of the Output EQ for outputs 1 & 2 come from DSP 1.
12dB/Octave and 24dB/Octave crossovers use 2 filters per edge.
48dB/Octave crossovers use 4 filters per edge.
A Stereo 3-way 12dB/octave crossover is as follows:
4 filters are used in DSP 1 for output 1 & 2 crossovers high edge crossovers. (2 per 12dB/Octave Slope)
12 filters used in DSP 2 for output 3-6 crossovers. (1 per 12dB/Octave Slope)
There is a total of (18-4)= 14 filters left in DSP 1 for either Input EQ or Outputs 1 & 2 EQ.
There is a total of (20-12)= 8 filters left in DSP 2 for output EQ any output.
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