DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
pairs. In 3 Channel x 2 way configuration outputs 1, 3 and 5 outputs are linked as are 2, 4 and 6. When outputs are linked, the
band name is derived from the channel assigned to the lower numbered output. Similarly, if the linked outputs are effset, the
parameter valuse for the lower numbered output is displayed. From the Output parameter rows the Next and Last keys step
through the output parameters.
7.1 Name: The Output ‘band’ name is selectable from a pre-programmed list. Use the Plus and Minus parameter keys scroll through this
Output 5 name:
Name High
7.2 Input Source: The combinations are as follows: Input A, Input B or a sum of Inputs A and B denoted as Input A + B. When Stereo
Linked in 2 channel x 3 way mode, the selections are normally Inputs A & B. Notice the & in place of the “+” sign to denote A
and B, not A plus B which signifies a sum of the two inputs.
Output 1 source:
OUT 1 Subs
Source IN A
Stereo Linked Output 1 & 2 source:
OUT 1 & 2 Subs
Source IN A & B
7.3 Output Gain: -25dB to +4 dB in 0.5dB steps. The nominal setting for outputs is -10dBu. The DSC is set-up to operate normally with a -
10dB attenuation of the input signal to the least sensitive band. This has been designed to minimize the noise floor for those
operators that keep their amplifier gain controls at maximum.
Output 1 gain:
OUT 1 Subs
Gain -15.0dB
7.4 Limiter threshold: -20 to +10dBu. This value is also the output meter reference value. If the Limiter is adjusted to 2.0 dBu as below,
then the output 1 meter will represent +2dBu at limit with the -3, -6 and -20 dB reading relative to that level. i.e. -1dBu, -4dBu and
Output 1 limiter threshold:
OUT 1 Subs
Limit 2.0dBu
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