DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
6.0 Input Sections
On the DSC-260 there are three input sections; Input A, Input B and Input Sum A+B. When Inputs are linked in the Utility section
both Input A and Input B variables are ganged. The sum variables are not ganged with A or B. The input sum of A+B only has a
Delay value to edit. All EQ is done on the individual unmixed inputs and then summed into Input A+B.
Figure 8 Input Parameters
Input A delay when in mono mode:
Delay 630.000ms
Input A+B Sum delay:
Delay 0.000ms
Inputs A and B stereo linked: (Note the ampersand in place of the A + B to indicate stereo
Delay 630.000ms
6.1 Input Delay: There is a main delay 0 - 635ms with 21 µs increments for Input A, Input B and Input A+B. The Plus/Minus buttons
accelerate in their effect the longer the buttons are held by increasing the size of the steps. To return to the small increment
settings release the key then press again to begin with 21 µs steps again. Delay units are set in the Utility section. At no time
can there be more than 635.417 ms of delay on any input to output path.
Input A delay in feet and ins:
Delay 715' 2.9"
Input A delay in meters:
Delay 218.005m
6.2 Input EQ: Input A and B can have EQ assigned. High and low shelving with 12dB or 6dB/octave slopes as well as full parametric band
are available. See Section 9.0 on Assignable EQ for more information. Input A+B is a sum of inputs A and B after any Input EQ.
7.0 Output Section Name, Source, Delay and Polarity
On the DSC260 there are six output sections; Output 1 through Output 6. When the unit is stereo linked in the Utility Menu,
various outputs are linked so that when changing variables such as EQ or Crossover, both channels operate together. In 2
channel x 3 way configuration, output 1 and 2 variables, output 3 and 4 variables and output 5 and 6 variables are ganged in
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