DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
Midi Dump?
Store to confirm
At this time a Midi sysex message is sent out that prompts a DSC260 receiving unit that an incoming Midi dump will occur and
the receiving unit will display the message below.
Receiving Unit Screen after MIDI Dump Prompt:
Incoming Dump
Allow Dump? Yes
If you do not want the receiving unit to overwrite the memories, press the Minus key on the receiving unit to change the Allow
Dump message to “No.” If this occurs, then the receiving unit will return to its normal operation and ignore any incoming program
Pressing Access Up or Down at any time will return the sending unit to the Utility list.
Pressing Store/Enter on the sending unit performs the dump. The screen displays a percentage of the dump performed. See
Appendix C on MIDI Sysex for additional information.
Midi Dump screen
Midi Dump
5.8 Program Delete. The Plus key enters the program delete screen.
Program delete?:
Delete Prog No
Select the program using the Plus and Minus Keys.
31 4892-90 @
Delete Program?
Store to confirm
5.8.1 The Plus/Minus keys select the program to Delete.
5.8.2 Pressing Access at any time will return to the Default screen.
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