DSC260 Preliminary Owners Manual Revision 0.9
Delay Units ms
5.4 Lock Out selectable On or Off. With Lock Out ON no displayed variables (except Lock Out) can be adjusted. Mutes can still be
adjusted. With Lock Out ON, no programs can be stored or recalled. For more information on other lock systems, see section 10
- Security.
Lock Out:
Lock Out Off
5.5 Midi Channel Number; 1 to 16. Midi is used to transmit sysex dump data between units and transmit and receive program change.
Use the Plus and Minus keys to adjust the channel number.
Midi channel number:
Midi Channel 15
5.6 Contrast: The +/- Parameter keys increase/decrease the LCD display contrast. A graphical indication of the variable changing is
Contrast /
5. 7 OEM Lock. Pressing the Plus button will take the user into the OEM Lock password screen. See section 10 for more information on this
OEM Lock:
OEM Lock Off
5.8 Midi Dump. This utility is used to dump program information between DSC260 units as well as to any MIDI Sysex capable sequencer or
computer. Attach a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out of the sending unit to the MIDI In of the receiving unit.
Sending Unit Midi Dump Screen:
Midi Dump No
Pressing the Plus parameter key on the sending unit will bring up a “MIDI Dump Yes” message with “Store to Confirm?”
Sending Unit Midi Dump screen
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