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F. Now install ceramic tiles evenly with at least ½” space between, 15 tiles (three
rows of five) on each grate only.
G. Now the top grates can be laid in place. Your REAL SMOKE CHITWOOD
BROILER is now ready to use.
A. If cold smoking is desired, it should be done first, before the broiler is hot. Make
sure that the smoke box burner lights properly. Place two or three chunks of
wood in the smoke box (for longer smoking, some of the smokewood can be
soaked in water and then when the dry smokewood is used up, the soaked wood
will have dried, and will begin to smolder.) When the wood starts to smolder and
smoke starts to rise up through the grates, lay your food products on top grates,
under the smokewood, which helps to concentrate the flavor.
B. Food products should be turned about every five minutes. After ten to twenty
minutes, remove from Broiler and refrigerate.
A. Check the smoke box; add wood if necessary. When you broil, plan to smoke,
too. The finished product will have a pleasing aromatic smoke flavor.
B. Turn on the main burner gas valves. Allow twenty minutes to heat the cooking
C. Arrange the food products on the grill; turn as needed. Smoke flavor is best
absorbed when grilled at lower temperature, because the longer the food is in
contact with the smoke, the more it will retain.
D. Do not use the smokewood when cooking a high temperature, as it could cause
excessive heat build-up. Heat is controlled by the main burner valves, which are
more precise than the old method of raising and lowering the grates.
E. If product searing is desired, sear on the side without the smokehood; cook until
¾ done and then place under the smokehood with the main burners set at low to
F. Normal heat flow will move to the back of the Broiler. You will find that rare cuts
of meat should be cooked at the front of the Broiler; medium in the middle, and
well done at the rear.
Each day, after products have been cooked, the broiler should be turned off, then the drip
tray removed and cleaned for the next day’s cook.
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