P/N 24-137 REV A 7/00 Page 4
Clearances from:
Combustible Noncombustible
Side 10 inches 0 inches
Back 10 inches 0 inches
For the sake of these instructions, noncombustible materials are defined as those which are
not capable of being ignited and burned, such as materials consisting entirely of, or a
combination of steel, iron, brick, tile, concrete, slate, glass and plaster. When choosing a
location within your kitchen to install your CHITWOOD BROILER, it is important that the
area surrounding the Broiler be kept free and clear of any objects, which could obstruct the
free flow of combustion and ventilation air.
A clearance of at least 30 inches must be provided at the front of the Broiler, to have
adequate clearances for air openings of the combustion chamber, for periodic servicing and
cleaning functions.
As with all heat producing appliances, the area surrounding your CHITWOOD BROILER
must always be kept free and clear of any combustible materials.
Your CHITWOOD BROILER is not designed to provide stable support for service personnel
attempting to gain access to the overhead ventilation system in the kitchen. Any service
function conducted around or above the Broiler must be completed with the proper
equipment, such as a suitable ladder or other secure platforms.
IMPORTANT: The front cover of this manual directs you to post instructions in the kitchen area
which will inform the user of this equipment of procedures to be followed in the event the smell
of gas is detected in the building. These procedures should be available through your local gas
If your local gas supplier cannot supply you with adequate instructions, the following shall be
A. Clear the room, building or area of all occupants.
B. Ventilate the affected portion of the building by opening windows and doors.
C. Use every practical means to eliminate sources of ignition. Take precautions to
prevent smoking, striking matches, operating electrical switches or devices,
opening furnace doors, etc. If possible, cut off all electrical circuits at a remote
area to eliminate operation of electric switches in the dangerous area. Safety
flashlights designed for use in hazardous atmospheres are recommended for use
in such emergencies.
D. Shut off the power supply of gas to the area involved.
E. Investigate other buildings in the immediate area to determine the presence of
escaping gas therein.
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