Customizations Identifying the Language to Be Used
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 97
Identifying the Language to Be Used
You can identifying the language used in the ShoreTel Communicator user interface, by your phone,
and for voice mail.
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Language.
The Language page is displayed.
2. From the Language used in ShoreTel Communicator drop-down menu, choose the language in
which you want ShoreTel Communicator’s user interface displayed. Click Apply and then use the
resulting prompt to exit and restart Communicator.
3. Use the Language used by voice mail and IP phones drop-down menu to choose the language for
your IP phone display messages and voice mail audio prompts.
4. Click OK.
Personalizing ShoreTel Communicator
Options are provided to personalize how ShoreTel Communicator starts up and looks.
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Customization.
The Customization page is displayed.
2. Select the appropriate options in the General area. These options are:
Start ShoreTel Communicator when you login to Windows. ShoreTel Communicator
automatically starts whenever you log in to Windows.
Enable drag-and-drop Window arrangement. Enables ShoreTel Communicator content
windows to be displayed in a separate standalone window.
Color scheme. The background color, chosen from the drop-down menu, of ShoreTel
Communicator windows and panels.
Hide ShoreTel Communicator when idle for more than. The amount of time ShoreTel
Communicator is idle before being hidden. The default is 30 seconds. ShoreTel Communicator
is not hidden if one or more calls are active.
Always move keyboard focus to the Quick Dialer when activating ShoreTel Communicator.
The keyboard focus is always moved to the Quick Dialer field when ShoreTel Communicator
becomes active.
3. Use the options in the Quick Dialer area to reflect how you want to use the QuickDialer. These
options are:
Show fax numbers. Includes fax numbers in the QuickDialer list and Directory window right-
click menu.
Search by company name. Allows searches on company name.
Show extension calling actions. Displays available methods of contacting filtered extensions.
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