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ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 96
3. From the Accept video requests from others area, select your automatic response to video call
requests. These options are
Always. Enable video for all requests.
Never. Reject video for all requests. You can still choose to add video once a call has begun.
Ask me. Receive an alert that a request has been made to add video to a call. You can then
decide whether to accept or reject the request.
4. From the Video camera drop-down menu, choose the video device that ShoreTel Communicator
uses for the video call.
5. To configure brightness, contrast, and saturation settings for the video camera, click Configure
Camera and use the resulting dialog box.
6. Click OK.
Choosing Sounds
With ShoreTel Communicator, you can choose the sounds you want to indicate incoming
communication events.
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Sounds.
The Sounds page is displayed.
2. From the Select list, select the communication event for which you want to specify a sound.
3. Use the Sound file drop-down menu to choose the WAV audio file that ShoreTel Communicator
plays for the selected event.
If the WAV file you want is not listed in the menu, click Browse and use the resulting dialog box to
locate and select the file.
4. To hear the sound of the audio file, click Play Sound.
5. Click OK.
This option is only available if the call is made using ShoreTel Communicator, and not with a
While many cameras compensate for poor lighting conditions, this compensation usually impacts
the frame rate of the device. Using optimal lighting conditions is essential to ensure the proper
frame necessary for good image quality.
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