Customizations Specifying Instant Messaging Options
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 93
11. If your phone supports wallpaper, select an image from the WallPaper drop-down list. Wallpaper is
supported on some ShoreTel color IP phone models. You see the list of wallpaper images
regardless of whether your phone supports wallpaper. If your phone does not support wallpaper
and you select and apply a wallpaper image, the change has no effect.
12. If you want to change the ringtone on your phone, select a ringtone from the Ringtone drop-down
list. (Not all phones support the full list of ringtones. If you select and apply a ringtone that your
phone does not support, the change has no effect.)
13. Click Apply.
14. Click OK.
Specifying Instant Messaging Options
ShoreTel Communicator allows you to specify alert and IM window options, your user name on the IM
server, IM and presence display options, and privacy permissions.
You can also specify the sound that your computer plays when it receives an instant message. For
more information, see Choosing Sounds on page 96.
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Instant Messaging.
2. Using the Instant Messaging page, select the appropriate options and then click Apply. These
options are:
Sign-in name and Password. The address and password, which are configured by your
system administrator, for instant messaging.
Show incoming message alert. Displays an alert on an incoming IM.
Show text of message. The IM alert displays the text of the incoming message.
Number of seconds to display alert. The amount of time, in seconds, that the IM alert is
Show timestamps. The IM window shows the time and date that messages were sent and
Initiate instant messaging when double clicking on a contact in the Contact pane. Double-
clicking on a contact in the Contact window initiates an instant message to that contact.
Show all chats in single window. Shows all IM sessions in a one window. Each session is
accessed by clicking on a tab.
Warn me before closing chat window with multiple conversations. Displays a prompt each time
you attempt to close a chat window with multiple sessions.
Save chat transcript to. Automatically saves the transcript of all your IM sessions to the
specified location.
My domain user name and Instant Messaging sign-in are not the same. If your Active Directory
user name is different from your IM sign-in name, enter the user name recognized by the
presence server.
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