Customizations Specifying Telephony Options
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 92
Specifying Telephony Options
The telephony options can be used to specify the manner in which ShoreTel Communicator interfaces
with your telephone.
You can also specify the sounds that are played for incoming internal and external incoming calls. For
more information, see Choosing Sounds on page 96. In addition, you can specify the language used to
display IP phone messages. For more information, see Identifying the Language to Be Used on page
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Telephony.
The Telephony page is displayed.
2. To change servers (HQ servers and DVS servers), enter the name of the new server in the Server
name field.
Contact your system administrator for information on the correct server name to use.
3. If you want to change the user name you use to access ShoreTel Communicator, enter a new user
name in the User name field, click OK, and then exit and restart Communicator.
This field is read-only if you are authenticated as a user through Active Directory credentials.
4. You can change the password you use to access ShoreTel Communicator by clicking Change
Password and using the Change Password dialog box.
This field is read-only if you are authenticated as a user through Active Directory credentials.
5. From the Maximum number of active calls to show drop-down menu, choose the number of
active calls you want ShoreTel Communicator to handle at a time.
The maximum number you can choose is configured by your system administrator.
6. Select Show empty call cells in Normal view to display selected active calls in separate rows in
the Active Call area of Communicator.
7. If you want to see an alert when receiving a voice call, select Show incoming call alert.
8. To disable the call waiting tone, select Suppress call waiting tone for subsequent calls.
The call waiting tone is a signal inserted into the audio path during a voice call to alert you of an
inbound call. Calls that you receive when the call waiting tone is suppressed are handled as
specified by your active call handling mode.
9. Select Suppress dial-tone when off-hook to use ShoreTel Communicator with a headset or
speaker phone instead of a receiver (i.e. in handsfree mode).
The phone is off hook and the dial tone is suppressed. At the conclusion of a call you can initiate a
new call without hanging up the phone.
10. If you need to dial a prefix to make an external call, use the Prefix to dial external number drop-
down menu to choose the prefix.
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