Customizations Enabling Microsoft Outlook Integration Features
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 90
5. The active call handling mode determines which escalation notification profile is used. If you want
to define or modify an escalation notification profile, select the profile in the list and click Edit. Use
the Escalation Notification Profile dialog box options to specify the profile’s definition. Then click
A profile definition includes the following options and can have up to 10 individual steps:
Profile Name. The name of the profile.
Repeat Count. The number of times the escalation is repeated. Escalation is also discontinued
when the voice mail is marked as Heard.
For a selected step, the options are:
Timeout. The amount of time, in minutes, that the specified phone will ring with an escalated
voice mail before the system sends a notification message.
Notify me of urgent messages only. Only voice mails marked Urgent are escalated. ShoreTel
allows callers to mark a voice mail as urgent after recording the message.
Email Notification Options. The media and email address the system uses to send an
escalated voice mail. The delivery options are
Disabled. Notification is disabled.
Email Wave file. A copy of the voice mail, attached as a WAVE file, is sent to the specified
email address.
Email notification. An email message indicating the receipt of a voice message is sent to
the specified email address.
Telephone Notification Options. The phone or pager number the system uses to send an
escalated voice mail.
6. You can delete an escalation profile by selecting it in the list on the Escalation page and clicking
7. Click OK.
Enabling Microsoft Outlook Integration Features
By enabling Microsoft Outlook integration, you can manage your voice mail, contacts, and
appointments from within Outlook.
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Outlook.
The Outlook page is displayed.
2. Select the appropriate Contact Upload options. These options are:
Upload Personal Contacts. Uploads your personal Outlook contacts to the ShoreTel server, so
that these contacts are available to Communicator.
Upload Options. Select the Outlook folder(s) from which the personal contacts are uploaded.
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