Getting Started Manually starting ShoreTel Communicator:
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 9
3. If this is your first time starting ShoreTel Communicator, the Welcome panel is displayed. Click
4. Set up your ShoreTel account by specifying the following:
Server Name – The IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the ShoreTel server.
User Name – Your ShoreTel system user name or domain user name.
User Password – Your ShoreTel system password or domain password.
5. Click Next.
6. If the account has been successfully configured, click Next.
7. Use the resulting panel to change your ShoreTel Communicator password by typing the password
in the New Password and Confirm Password fields. Then click Next.
8. In the Change Your Telephone Password panel, specify a new password to access your voice mail
in the New Password and Confirm Password field, and click Next.
After starting ShoreTel Communicator, can change your voice mail password. Refer to Specifying
Voice Mail Options on page 88 for information.
9. Click Next.
10. Record your name by clicking the Record button, and speaking into your telephone handset or
headset. When done, click Stop. Use the Play button and cursor to review the recording. When
satisfied with the recording hang up. Then click Next.
By default the Use Windows credentials option is selected, causing the fields to be automatically
filled in with the appropriate information for your ShoreTel account. If you want enter your own
information, unselect the Use Windows credentials option.
After starting ShoreTel Communicator, you can change this information. See the section
Specifying Telephony Options on page 92 for information.
The process of logging you into the ShoreTel server begins. If this process takes more than 3
minutes, make sure that your browser does not have proxy server settings enabled. Contact your
system administrator for additional information.
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