Customizations Specifying Voice Mail Options
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 89
You can specify the sound that is played when a new voice mail is received on the Options and
Preferences > Sounds page. For more information, see Choosing Sounds on page 96. You can specify
the language used for voice mail audio prompts on the Options and Preferences > Language page.
For more information, see Identifying the Language to Be Used on page 97.
Specifying Voice Mail Options
1. From the Options and Preferences window, click Voice Mail.
2. Using the Voice Mail page, select the appropriate options and then click Apply.
These options are:
Play messages using PC speakers. Plays voice mail through your computer speakers instead
of your phone.
Record messages using PC microphone. Records voice mail through a microphone that
accesses your computer’s sound card.
Play envelope information when listening to messages. Plays sender and receipt time
information prior to listening to a voice mail.
Change Password. Click to change the password that protects access to your voice mail.
Record Name. Click to change the recording of your name played to callers when they are
routed to your voice mail.
Notification delivery options. Specifies the media the system uses to inform you of the receipt
of a voice mail. The delivery options are:
Disabled. Notification is disabled.
Email Wave file. A copy of the voice mail, attached as a WAVE file, is sent to the specified
email address.
Email notification. An email message indicating the receipt of a voice message is sent to
the specified email address.
Mark delivered voice mail as Heard. The notification indicates that the voice mail has been
Deliver to email address. The email address to which notifications are to be sent.
3. To define how notifications for new or unheard voice mail is escalated, click Escalation in the
Options and Preferences window navigation list.
4. Using the Escalation page, select the appropriate notification option. These options are:
Notify for first unheard message. Begins escalating voice mail one at a time. The system stops
escalating a voice mail when it is marked Heard.
Notify for each new message. Escalates each voice mail, allowing for concurrent escalations.
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