Special Features Monitoring Agents
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 79
Longest Queued Time. The longest queue time of all calls in the queue.
Longest Call Time. The longest call time of all calls in the queue. This time differs from the longest
queue time when calls are returned to the queue after an agent answers it.
The Call area of the Queue Monitor lists the calls that are in the queues of the workgroups to which
you belong. The columns of the Call area are:
Workgroup. The call’s intended recipient workgroup.
Caller Name / Number. The Call ID information for the call.
Queued Time. The period that the call has waited in the queue.
Call Time. The period the call has been active including, for calls re-entering the queue after being
by an agent, all periods the call was active and on hold.
DNIS. The DNIS identification number sent by the originating call.
More Info. Miscellaneous call information including the routing slip and the call note.
1. Open the Queue Monitor by clicking on the workgroup icon on the Assignment bar.
2. From the menu, choose Queue Monitor.
The Queue Monitor window opens.
3. To turn on or off the audio alert the indicates an exceeded threshold, click Alert Sound.
4. Click Options to customize your Queue Monitor.
5. To display the calls of a workgroup in the Call area, click the box associated with a workgroup.
6. To change the call handling mode for a workgroup, click the CHM field for that workgroup and from
the resulting menu choose the mode you want.
The call handling modes are On-Hours, Off-Hours, Holiday, and Custom. The workgroup call
handling mode changes the way calls are handled based on the current setting.
Monitoring Agents
For supervisors and other users with the appropriate permissions, the Agent Monitor window displays
the status of agents for each of your workgroups. Agent Monitor also plays an audio alert while a new
call rings an agent.
From the Agent Monitor window you can also make a call, pickup a call, engage in IM, intervene in a
call, log the agent into or out of a workgroup, put the agent in wrap-up mode, and display status and
call handling information (More Info icon). To do so, select the agent and click the appropriate icon on
the toolbar.
1. Open the Agent Monitor by clicking on the workgroup icon on the Assignment bar.
2. From the menu, choose Agent Monitor.
The Agent Monitor window opens.
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