Special Features Using Call Wrap-Up
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 78
Using Call Wrap-Up
Call wrap-up gives you time between calls to complete notes or finish updates to customer records.
You are not available to accept calls from the queue when you are in Wrap-Up mode. After the Wrap-
Up interval ends, you are automatically logged into the workgroup. The wrap up interval is defined for
each workgroup and configured by your system administrator.
You can change your Wrap-Up status before the interval ends by logging in or out of the workgroup.
1. Click on the workgroup icon on the Assignment bar.
2. From the menu, choose Wrap-Up.
The icon on the Assignment bar changes to indicate your state.
You are entered into the Wrap-Up mode.
3. To exit the Wrap-Up mode, log into or out of your workgroups.
Monitoring Your Queue
ShoreTel Workgroups provides the Queue Monitor window to show the calls that are ringing into your
workgroups. The Queue Monitor displays in bold red any queue size and queue time thresholds that
have been exceeded.
The Queue Monitor’s Workgroup area lists the workgroups to which you belong and provides
information on each workgroup. The Workgroup area is made up of the following columns:
Workgroup. The workgroup name and extension.
CHM. The active Call Handling Mode for the group.
Queued Calls. The number of calls in the workgroup queue.
Workgroup area
Call area
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