Special Features Logging into and out of a Workgroup
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 77
Monitor agents
Monitor bridged calls
Use a workgroup voice mailbox
Transferring calls from the Contacts window
You can customize your Workgroups experience by:
Showing an alert, and defining how long the alert is displayed, when a call is in the queue of one of
your workgroups.
Identify the workgroups that you want to display in the Queue Monitor and Agent Monitor.
Changing the default number of calls, and the amount of call time, required to trigger a threshold
exceeded warning in the Queue Monitor.
You must be a supervisor or other user with the proper permissions to make these changes.
Selecting an audio alert to indicate an exceeded threshold.
For information, refer to Specifying Workgroups Options on page 91.
You need to have the appropriate version of ShoreTel Communicator to use ShoreTel Workgroups and
specific Workgroups features. If you are using ShoreTel Contact Center integrated with ShoreTel
Communicator, refer to the Contact Center Using Agent Toolbar guide for information.
Logging into and out of a Workgroup
You receive calls to your workgroup extension when you are available and are logged into the
workgroup call. If you belong to multiple workgroups, you can receive calls from all the workgroups to
which you are a member when your status is Available. Your workgroup status applies to all your
workgroups. ShoreTel Communicator displays workgroup status in the Status bar.
Your call control status appears in the Agent Monitor, which advises workgroup supervisors of your
availability to accept workgroup calls. The workgroup supervisor can also log members in or out of the
Depending on the workgroup's configuration, you may also be logged out automatically if you do not
answer a workgroup call while logged in.
1. Click on the workgroup icon on the Assignment bar.
2. From the menu, choose either Logged In or Logged Out.
The icon on the Assignment bar changes to indicate your state.
You can also choose Workgroup > Logged In or Workgroup > Logged Out from the ShoreTel
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