Special Features Parking and Picking Up a Call
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 74
Intercom. Transfers the call to the system intercom.
Whisper. Allows you to break into an active call, and communicate with one party without the other
party hearing, before transferring the call.
1. Select the call you want to transfer in the Active Call area.
2. Click Transfer.
The call is placed on hold.
3. Using the Transfer dialog box, specify the extension to which you want to transfer the call and then
click the button of the action you want.
Parking and Picking Up a Call
Parking a call places the call on hold at another extension. This allows you to park a call on one
extension and pick it up from a different extension. The parked call appears in the recipient’s Active
Call area as a call on hold. Picking up a call, if you have authorization from your system administration,
makes it possible to answer calls from another user’s extension.
Unparking a call is retrieving a call that you previously parked on another extension. Calls can be
unparked only by the person that originally parked it.
Bounced calls are unanswered parked calls, which are returned to the extension from where they were
parked as an incoming call, after a period specified by your system administrator.
Once parked, the call is removed from the Active Call area.
ShoreTel Communicator supports the following types of park:
Park. Parks the call at the specified extension with no additional action.
Park/Intercom. Parks the call and then calls the recipient's intercom. Use this type of park if you
first want to contact the recipient of the parked call.
Park/Page. Parks the call and then pages the recipient. Use this type of park if you first want to
contact the recipient of the parked call.
Parking a call
1. In the Active Call area, right-click on the call you want to park and select Park from the resulting
You can also:
Click Park on the Call toolbar.
Choose Call > Park.
2. Use the Park dialog box to locate and select the call recipient, and then click the appropriate
button for the type of park you want to make.
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