Special Features Overview
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 71
ShoreTel Communicator provides special features for operators, assistants, and contact center
personnel. These features are:
Making a call to an intercom or paging system, and answering the night bell.
Intervening in a call
Transferring a call with a consult or whisper, and to an intercom or mailbox
Parking and picking up a call
Changing another user’s call handling mode
Sharing a call appearance
Viewing and adding information on a call
Using ShoreTel Workgroups
Working with many of these special features often involves using the Make Call dialog box.
If you are using Contact Center integrated with ShoreTel Communicator, refer to the Contact Center
Using Agent Toolbar guide for information.
Making Calls
Using the Make Call Dialog Box
The Make Call dialog box allows you to make calls to a single contact and to make special calls. The
title of this dialog box changes to indicate the specific type of call you want to make.
1. Enter the call recipient’s name or number in the field at the top.
Matches from the directory are displayed below as the text is entered.
2. Select the call recipient.
If additional information on the recipient is available, this information is displayed in the Extended
Information field.
The Dial Digits field shows the number that will be dialed.
3. Click the appropriate button for the type of call you want to make.
Buttons are only available if the recipient has permission to receive that type of call.
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