Getting Started Overview
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 7
ShoreTel Communicator presents a single interface to manage business communications using your
ShoreTel desk phone, computer, mobile phone, or home telephone. This means that you can move
seamlessly between voice, video, or instant messages (IM).
Using ShoreTel Communicator simplifies your day-to-day communications, streamlines your work, and
makes it easier to stay in the loop by putting intuitive communication and collaboration tools at your
fingertips. ShoreTel Communicator for Windows also integrates with Microsoft Outlook.
ShoreTel Communicator Features
With ShoreTel Communicator you can:
Quickly Access Your Directories
ShoreTel Communicator provides immediate access to your online directories and personal
Microsoft Outlook contacts. This feature makes it easy to quickly connect to the right person and to
contact coworkers using IM or email.
Manage your Contacts from within Microsoft Outlook
With Microsoft Outlook integration, you can manage your voice mail and contacts using a full set of
flexible, productivity-enhancing features.This includes the ability, from within Outlook, to call
contacts and define how your calls are handled when in a meeting or appointment.
Identify a Contact’s Phone and IM Presence
Uniquely, ShoreTel Communicator indicates both phone and IM presence. So you can immediately
see a contact’s phone and IM presence status, allowing you to determine the best way to reach
them. Presence status is also displayed in Microsoft Outlook.
Never Miss a Call
You can choose to be reached through multiple phones, or through a progression of escalated
phones. And if you are unable to answer a phone, you can specify that your calls go directly into
voice mail.
Personalize Call Handling
Using ShoreTel Communicator, you can personalize how your incoming calls are handled based
on caller identity, when a call was placed, and your active call handling mode. Calls can be
automatically sent to voice mail or to another phone number. You can also play specific ringtones
based on caller identity.
Turn Your PC into a Telephone
With ShoreTel Communicator’s SoftPhone, any Microsoft Windows computer can be turned into a
telephone to be used in your home office or on the road. The ShoreTel Communicator fully
integrated interface makes it easy to turn your PC into a telephone.
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