Microsoft Outlook with ShoreTel Communicator Working with Outlook Contacts in ShoreTel Communicator
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 64
Calendar integration enables your call handling mode to be updated by Outlook, and the ability to
work with ShoreTel Web conferences from within Outlook.
6. If you want your active call handling mode to be automatically changed based on appointments in
the Outlook calendar, select Use Outlook appointments to change Call Handling Mode.
Calendar integration must be installed to use this option.
You also need to turn on call handling mode in Outlook, as explained inAutomatically Setting Call
Handling Using Outlook on page 69.
7. Click OK.
Working with Outlook Contacts in ShoreTel Communicator
Once you have enabled Outlook integration, you can work with your Outlook personal contacts in
ShoreTel Communicator. This allows you to communicate with contacts that are not part of the
ShoreTel system.
Outlook personal contacts in ShoreTel Communicator are listed in the Directory window’s Data Source
column as Outlook Personal.
Using Outlook with Voice Mail
ShoreTel Communicator can integrate your voice mail with Outlook. From within Outlook you can:
Select your playback device
Listen to a voice mail
Reply to a voice mail
Create a new voice mail
Forward a voice mail
Edit the subject of a voice mail
Delete a voice mail
Move a voice mail into another folder
Your voice mails are listed in the Outlook Inbox. Voice mails are indicated by a cassette icon, and
include the phone number or extension of the sender. Unheard messages are displayed in bold; a red
exclamation point is associated with urgent messages.
If you are upgrading from a previous version of ShoreTel Communicator, new voice mail items are
displayed in the Outlook Inbox for previously existing voice mails, resulting in duplicate items. You can
delete the older duplicate voice mails, since these items no longer contain the voice message.
Both Outlook and Communicator must be installed to enable calendar integration.
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