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ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 57
Organizing Contacts
Organizing your contacts in the ShoreTel Communicator content windows makes it faster and easier to
find the contacts and information you need. You can organize your contacts by:
Uploading your contacts
Adding, editing, and deleting contacts
Grouping contacts
Searching for a contact
Changing how you view contacts
Changing the sort order
Working with columns
Exporting contacts
Uploading Your Contacts
Using ShoreTel Communicator, you can upload your personal contacts from Microsoft Outlook and a
comma-separated values (.csv) or XML file onto the ShoreTel server. Uploading your personal
contacts makes these contacts accessible from other versions of ShoreTel Communicator you are
using, for example ShoreTel Communicator for iPhone.
Uploading Contacts from Microsoft Outlook
You can display your Microsoft Outlook contacts in ShoreTel Communicator. If enabled by your system
administration, and if the option Upload Personal Contacts is selected (by default), your personal
Outlook contacts are uploaded onto the ShoreTel server and displayed in ShoreTel Communicator.
If you want to remove all your personal Outlook contacts from ShoreTel Communicator, and no longer
upload them in the future, unselect the Upload Personal Contacts option.
Uploading Contacts from a CSV or XML File
Contact your system administrator if you want to upload contacts from a CSV or XML file. You must
have the option Upload Personal Contacts selected.
If your uploaded contacts do not appear in Outlook, use the following workaround:
1. From the Options > Outlook page, unselect the Upload Personal Contacts option, and then click
2. Reselect the Upload Personal Contacts option, and click OK.
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