Presence and Contacts Overview
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 54
ShoreTel Communicator allows you to identify the presence (availability) of yourself and other users
before receiving or making calls and engaging in IM sessions. And you can organize your contacts in
the ShoreTel Communicator content windows to make it faster and easier to find the contacts and
information you want.
Identifying Presence
With ShoreTel Communicator, you can identify a contact’s presence to accept voice calls, IM sessions,
or both. Using presence increases your productivity by reducing attempts to connect with unavailable
parties, and blocks unwanted attempts to engage in IM.
ShoreTel Communicator automatically adjusts the presence status of users as they make and receive
calls, and engage in and end IM sessions; users can also manually set their presence status. Icons,
which can be viewed throughout ShoreTel Communicator and Microsoft Outlook integrated with
Communicator, identify the presence status of a contact. And you can choose to receive an alert when
a contact becomes available and provide additional information on your IM presence status.
Presence Icons
Icons identify the presence status of a contact, and your own presence. There are three types of
presence icons that represent availability to engage in voice calls, IM sessions, or both voice calls and
IM sessions.
Presence Icons for Voice Calls
The following icons indicate voice call presence:
- Available
- Busy
- On the Phone
- Do Not Disturb. Calls are automatically forwarded to the recipient's voice mail
- Unknown.
In order to view a contact’s presence status in Microsoft Outlook integrated with Communicator, make
sure to start ShoreTel Communicator first before starting Outlook.
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