Instant Messaging, Email, and Video Putting a Video on Hold
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 52
Putting a Video on Hold
If you are engaged in a voice call with video, you can put the call on hold. Both the audio and video
portions of the call are put on hold.
1. In the Video window, click Hold.
2. To retrieve the video on hold, click Answer.
Transferring a Voice Call with Video
You can transfer a call with video to another person if the following conditions are met:
The transfer recipient has a video camera.
The transfer recipient has authorization from the system administrator.
The transfer recipient is part of the ShoreTel system.
The transfer recipient does not have the Never Accept Video Requests from Others option
selected, as explained in the section Specifying Video Options on page 95.
Once transferred, the call is removed from the Active Call area.
1. In the Video window, click Transfer.
2. Use the Transfer dialog box to locate and select the transfer recipient, and then click Transfer.
Your Video window closes.
Ending a Video Session
If you want to end both the audio and video portions of a call, in the Video window click Hangup. To
end only the video portion of a call, close the Video window.
The Hold feature is not available if the video call is made over a SIP tie trunk.
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