Instant Messaging, Email, and Video Accepting a Call with Video
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 51
Both you and the recipient have authorization from your system administrator.
The recipient is part of the ShoreTel system.
The recipient does not have the Never Accept Video Requests from Others option selected, as
explained in the section Specifying Video Options on page 95.
1. In the Active Call area, click the Add Video icon associated with the call to which you want to
add video.
You can also:
Right-click on the call, and choose Add Video from the resulting menu.
Select the call, and click Add Video on the Call toolbar.
The Video window opens, showing the video participant(s).
Accepting a Call with Video
By default, the system automatically prompts you to agree to add video to a call. You can change this
default so that you no longer receive a prompt and the video window opens automatically when the call
is connected, or to never receive the video portion of a call. See the section Specifying Video Options
on page 95 for details.
Joining a Video Conference with LifeSize
If your company uses LifeSize high definition video communications products, you can use ShoreTel
Communicator to join a video conference. Contact your system administrator to determine if you can
use this feature.
1. Make a call to the video conference number.
2. Add video to the call.
The Video window opens, showing the video participant(s).
ShoreTel Communicator does not support video-only calls, video sessions established with
SoftPhone, or when ShoreTel Communicator is accessed through remote desktop.
If you are using a SIP extension, you cannot add video to the call, even though the Add Video icon
is displayed. Clicking the icon will not result in video being added to the call.
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