Instant Messaging, Email, and Video Using Email
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 49
Viewing and Changing IM Privacy Permissions
You can view and change IM privacy permissions using either the Contact window or the Options >
Instant Messaging > Privacy > Permissions list, as described in Specifying Instant Messaging
Options on page 93.
1. Right-click on a contact and from the resulting menu choose IM Privacy. The current IM privacy
permission is displayed with a check mark.
2. To change the IM privacy permission, choose the privacy setting your want to assign to the
Requesting IM Privacy Permission
You request IM privacy permissions from those colleagues whose IM presence status you want to see,
and with whom you want to engage in IM. You do so by adding the colleague to your Contacts window.
Once you have added the colleague to your Contacts window, they receive an alert notifying them of
your request. Your colleague can then decide whether to assign you an IM privacy permission that
allows you to see their IM presence status and engage in IM, or not.
When you initiate an IM session, if your colleague has assigned you an IM privacy permission of
Allowed, you can use the Chat window to engage in the session. If instead your colleague has
assigned you a Blocked IM privacy permission, or is offline, you see the error message “Failure to
send message” in the Chat window.
Making a Call from an IM Session
To make a voice call to a participant of a IM session, from the Chat window, click the Call Participants
The call is placed. Information on the call is displayed in the ShoreTel Communicator Active Call area.
Ending an Instant Message Session
Closing a Chat window terminates the IM session and erases all text, unless the transcript from the
session has been saved. If multiple session are displayed in a single Chat window, end a specific
session by closing the tab listing that session.
Using Email
With ShoreTel Communicator, you send an email using your default email application. You can send
email from the following locations in ShoreTel Communicator:
QuickDialer. Use the QuickDialer to locate the recipient of the email, then select their email
Contents, Directory, and Voice Mail windows. Right-click on the contact to whom you want to send
an email, and from the resulting menu choose their email address.
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