Instant Messaging, Email, and Video Initiating an IM Session
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2. Use the resulting dialog box to specify a name and location for the transcript, and then click Save.
Permitting IM
Before engaging in an IM session, you must specifically permit a contact to communicate with you in
this way. This is done by:
Specifying your IM privacy permissions for a contact.
Responding to a request for IM privacy permission.
Viewing and changing a contact’s IM privacy permission.
Specifying IM Privacy Permissions
By specifying an IM privacy permission for a contact, you identify with whom you want to receive IM.
The following privacy permissions are available:
Allowed. The contact can view your IM presence status and send you an IM request.
Blocked. The contact is denied access to your IM presence status and cannot send you an IM
request. The contact sees your IM presence status as Offline.
Pending. You have not responded to a contact’s request for your IM presence status.
1. From the Contacts window, right-click on a contact and from the resulting menu choose IM Privacy
and then the privacy setting your want to assign to the contact.
2. Use the Options > Instant Messaging > Privacy > Permissions list as described in the section
Specifying Instant Messaging Options on page 93.
Responding to an IM Privacy Permission Request
You participate in IM sessions only with those contacts who have the Allowed IM privacy permission.
Colleagues can request this permission, in which case an alert notifies you of the request.
1. From the alert, select the contact(s) you want to see your IM presence and with whom you want to
communicate using IM.
The IM privacy permission for the selected contact(s) will be changed to Allowed. All other
contacts in the list will have an IM privacy permission of Pending.
2. If you want to add the selected contact(s) to your Contacts window, select Add checked names to
my Contact list.
3. To avoid this alert in the future, select Always accept future requests.
4. If you want to change any of your Privacy options, click Settings.
The Options and Preferences > Instant Messaging > Privacy page opens. Use this page to
make changes to your Privacy options.
5. Click OK.
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