Instant Messaging, Email, and Video The Chat Window
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 46
The Chat Window
The Chat window allows you to send and receive IM messages. This window is displayed when you
initiate an IM session or when you receive the first message of an IM session.
By default, a separate Chat window opens for each current IM session. You can instead choose to
have a single Chat window for all your sessions and to be warned before closing the single Chat
window with multiple sessions. If using a single window, you toggle between sessions by clicking on
the appropriate chat tab.
The party with whom you are chatting is displayed at the top of the window. Exchanged text is shown
in the Text panel, preceded by the name of the party that sent the message. The Input panel displays
text, as you type, that you are preparing for the other chat participant(s). You can move the separator
to adjust the size of the Input panel.
To show information on when a message was sent or received (timestamp), from the View menu
choose Show Timestamp. Timestamp information can also be displayed automatically for all
messages by selecting the appropriate option. The Status bar displays messages, for example that the
other participant is typing text.
Initiating an IM Session
You can start an IM session with any ShoreTel system user. If the contact is offline, or has assigned
you a Blocked IM privacy permission, you see the error message “Failure to send message” in the
Chat window.
You can also initiate an IM session from Microsoft Outlook.
1. Select a contact in the Contacts window and click IM from the window toolbar.
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