Instant Messaging, Email, and Video Overview
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 45
In addition to voice mail, ShoreTel Communicator makes it possible to easily communicate using
instant messaging, email, and video.
Using Instant Messaging
Instant messaging (IM), also known as chat, is the real-time transmission of text between two or more
ShoreTel Communicator users. You can participate in multiple simultaneous IM sessions. The features
of ShoreTel Communicator IM are:
Initiating an IM session.
Joining an IM session.
Adding participants to an IM session.
Saving the transcript of an IM session
Permitting IM from a contact.
Requesting IM privacy permission.
Making a voice call from an IM session.
Ending an IM session
You can customize your IM experience by:
Displaying an incoming IM alert.
Specifying the sound that your computer plays when it receives an instant message.
Double-clicking on a a contact in the Contact window to initiate an instant message
Specifying which information, and how it is to be shown, in the Chat window.
Automatically saving all transcripts of your IM sessions to a specific location.
For details, see the section Specifying Instant Messaging Options on page 93.
Information on ShoreTel Communicator’s Presence feature, which you can use to inform colleagues of
your, and be informed of their, availability to engage in IM and voice calls can be found in Chapter 5,
Presence and Contacts on page 53.
You use the Chat window to send and receive IM messages.
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