Working with Voice Mail Creating New Voice Mail
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 40
Exporting a Voice Mail
You can export a voice mail to the audio WAV file format for use by other applications. Note that you
can only export public voice mails; voice mails that you have received that are marked private cannot
be exported. In addition, this feature may be disabled by your system administrator to further ensure
1. From the Voice Mail window, right-click the voice mail that you want to export.
2. Select Export to .wav File from the resulting menu.
3. Use the Save As dialog box to specify the name and location of the file, and click Save.
Viewing Information on a Voice Mail
Information on a voice mail can be easily viewed from the ShoreTel Communicator Voice Mail window.
1. Right-click on the message you want information on, and choose More Info from the resulting
menu, or click More Info from the toolbar.
Creating New Voice Mail
Using ShoreTel Communicator you can create a new voice mail from the Voice Mail window and the
Contacts window. You can also use Microsoft Outlook to create a new voice mail. Note that you can
only send a voice mail to other ShoreTel users.
Voice messages are recorded using your telephone or a microphone. Voice mails can be created for,
and sent to, multiple recipients by selecting a distribution list. For more information on distributions
lists, see Managing Distribution Lists on page 41.
By default, message length is 2 seconds. If you want more time for your voice mails, contact your
system administrator.
1. Click New Message.
2. In the New Voice Message window, enter the names of the recipient(s) in the To field.
If you need help finding a recipient, click To. Use the Add/Remove Members dialog box to create
and edit a list of recipients (including a distribution list) by selecting a recipient and clicking Add or
Remove to move the item into the appropriate list. You can narrow the possible recipients
displayed by choosing the appropriate category from the Show Names From drop-down menu.
Then click OK.
3. In the Subject field, type the subject of the message.
4. If the message requires immediate attention, select the checkbox for Urgent. You can also select
the Private and Return Receipt checkboxes to indicate if the voice message is of a private nature
and if you want notification that the recipient has listened to the voice mail.
5. Click the Record button and speak into your microphone or telephone to record your message.
The device you use to record a voice mail is determined by your playback device. Refer to
Selecting Your Playback Device on page 36 for details.
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