Working with Voice Mail Using the Voice Mail Window
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 36
Voice Mail Window Folders
The Voice Mail window displays all the voice mails you have received organized into three folders:
The number associated with each folder indicates the number of unheard messages in that folder.
The Inbox folder lists all the voice messages in your voice mailbox. Messages remain in this folder until
moved to the Saved or Deleted folder.
The Saved folder is a repository for messages that were previously received but are not yet ready for
deletion. Messages remain in the Saved folder until you delete them or the maximum time limit set by
your system administrator is reached.
Messages moved to the Deleted folder remain there until 2:00 am (server) time, when ShoreTel
removes messages that are at least 6 hours old. Voice mail messages less than six hours old remain
in the Deleted folder until 2:00 a.m. the next day. Messages moved to the Deleted Folder and then
subsequently deleted are removed from the system and cannot be recovered. You can restore
messages in the Deleted Folder by moving them to the Inbox or Saved folders, after which they are
safe from daily maintenance deletion.
Specifying display information in the voice mail
You can select the information you want to see in the Voice Mail window by adding, removing, and
changing the display order of the columns in the window. You can also change the sort order of a
Selecting Your Playback Device
You can listen to your voice mails using either your computer microphone and speakers, or your
telephone. You can also select your playback device using Microsoft Outlook.
1. From the Voice Mail window, click on the playback device icon on the Playback bar.
2. From the drop-down menu, choose either Play via Telephone or Play via PC Speakers. The icon
changes to indicate the selected audio device.
The urgent and message columns cannot be removed. The GUID column displays an
internal message identifier that is used for troubleshooting purposes only.
If you have forwarded your calls to another phone, such as your mobile phone, choosing Play via
Telephone plays the voice mail on that phone.
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