Making and Managing Calls Conference Calls
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 32
If you are using a telephone, the keypad dialer is only available for external calls (i.e. calls that are sent
to or received from outside the ShoreTel system). If you are using SoftPhone, the keypad dialer is
always available.
1. In the Active Call area, right-click on the call to which you want to send digits, and select Send
Digits from the resulting menu.
You can also:
Select the call in the Active Call area, and click the Send Digits icon on the Assignment
Select the call in the Active Call area, and click Send Digits on the Call toolbar.
2. Use the keypad dialer to send the digits you want.
Conference Calls
Conference calls are voice calls that involve more than two parties. ShoreTel supports conference calls
with a maximum of six participants. Special types of conference calls, usually done by operators,
assistants, and call center agents, is explained in Chapter 7, Special Features on page 70.
After a conference call is created, the Active Call area is updated with details of the conference,
including the participants.
You can also drop a participant from a conference or terminate the entire conference.
Initiating a conference call
1. Make a call to a conference participant.
2. Once the call is connected, in the Active Call area click the Conference icon associated with
the call.
You can also:
Right-click on the call in the Active Call area and select Conference from the resulting menu
Select the call in the Active Call area, and click Conference on the Call toolbar.
3. Using the Conference dialog box, enter the call recipient’s name or number in the field at the top.
Select the call recipient from the directory matches displayed below as the text is entered. The
Dial Digits field shows the number that will be dialed.Then click Transfer.
4. Add additional participants to the conference call by putting the current participant on hold, and
then make a call to an additional conference participant. Once the new call is connected, click the
Conference icon associated with that call. Clicking No Thanks leaves the call in progress on hold
and allows you to proceed with the new call.
The calls are joined into a single conference call.
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