Making and Managing Calls Making Calls
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 27
Personal call handling rules are based on multiple criteria including the time or date a call is received,
the caller status, and caller identity. These rules take precedence over the active call handling mode.
Refer to Personalizing Call Handling on page 86 for information on creating personal call handling
Making Calls
Using ShoreTel Communicator, you can easily make a call to a single contact or make a call to a
contact’s voice mailbox. Making special calls, usually done by operators, assistants, and call center
personnel, is explained in Chapter 7, Special Features on page 70.
ShoreTel Communicator helps reduce your attempts to call unavailable parties by identifying the
availability (presence) of a contact to accept your call. For information, refer to the section Identifying
Presence on page 54.
Once you have placed a call, details of the connected call are displayed in the Active Call area of
ShoreTel Communicator.
Making a Call to a Contact
You can make a call to a contact in several ways. Calls can be made from:
The Dial menu
The QuickDialer
The Contacts, History, and Directory windows
The Speed Dial window
An availability alert
You can also make a call from the Voice Mail window, the Chat window, and from Microsoft Outlook.
Making a Call from the Dial Menu
You can make a call from the Dial menu.
1. From the ShoreTel button, choose Dial > Make Call.
2. Use the Make New Call dialog box to enter the call recipient’s name or number in the field at the
top. Matches from the directory are displayed below as the text is entered.
3. Select the call recipient. The Dial Digits field shows the number that will be dialed.
4. Click Make Call.
Making a Call Using the QuickDialer
The QuickDialer offers rapid access to directories and personal contacts, and provides a quick way to
make a phone call.
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