Making and Managing Calls Defining Call Routing
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 26
3. In the Ring Additional Phones area, select the call handling mode(s) for which you want
additional phones to ring simultaneously. Then choose the configured phone(s) that you want to
4. Click OK.
Allowing Callers to Find You
You can provide callers who are automatically routed to your voice mailbox a way to contact you by
using the Find Me feature. Callers listening to your voice mail message can press 1 to request the
ShoreTel system to dial up to two alternate numbers. If the ShoreTel system cannot reach you at either
of these numbers, the caller can then leave you a voice mail.
Using the Find Me feature
1. From the ShoreTel button choose Options.
2. Click Incoming Call Routing from the Options and Preferences window.
3. Use the options in the Find Me area to specify if you want callers who are routed to your voice
mailbox to be able to contact you. These options are
When callers reach my voice mail and my Call Handling Mode is. Select the call handling
mode(s) for which callers can reach you.
Find me at the following phones. Specify the first and second phones, in order, to which the
call is routed. These can be internal extensions or external phones.
You can find a specific phone number by entering information in the field; matches from the
directory are displayed as the text is entered. Select the number you want.
Send incoming Caller ID. Select if you want the incoming caller’s ID sent to the Find Me
destination. The caller ID is displayed before you answer the call.
Enable record caller’s name for Find Me. Select to prompt the caller to record their name for
calls routed to the Find Me destination. The caller’s name is then played before you answer
the call. You can then select Record name even if caller ID is present to require all callers to
record their name, regardless of the availability of their Caller ID. This excludes internal users
whose name was previously recorded.
Automatically find me before playing my greeting, instead of caller pressing “1” during
greeting. Select to route calls to the Find Me destination without requiring the caller to press 1.
4. Click OK.
Personalizing Call Handling
You can create personal rules that further define call routing. For example, you may want to:
Require unidentified callers to announce their name.
Assign different ringtones for selected callers, such as family or personal contacts.
Route calls from non urgent sources directly to voice mail or to another extension.
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