Making and Managing Calls Defining Call Routing
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 25
Identifying How Incoming Calls Are Handled
A call handling mode identifies how your inbound calls are handled in a variety of situations. For
example, when you are away from your desk you may want to play a different greeting and send
incoming calls to another phone number. ShoreTel provides five call handling modes to identify the
manner that your calls are handled in a variety of situations: Standard, In a Meeting, Out of Office,
Extended Absence, and Custom.
You can configure a call handling mode with warnings about how the Standard call handling mode is
being used when starting up ShoreTel Communicator, which users can change your call handling
mode, and the definition of each call handling mode. Refer to the section Configuring Call Handling
Modes on page 85 for information.
The active call handling mode is automatically determined on the basis of system schedules
maintained by your system administrator. You can also:
Manually set the active call handling mode using ShoreTel Communicator.
Manually set the active call handling mode through your ShoreTel IP telephone (as explained in
the documentation of your specific telephone).
Automatically set the call handling mode based on Microsoft Outlook appointments, as explained
on Automatically Setting Call Handling Using Outlook on page 69.
Manually determining a call handling mode from ShoreTel
1. Click the call handling icon on the Assignment bar.
You can also choose Call Handling from the ShoreTel Communicator button.
2. From the drop-down menu, select the call handling mode you want for your incoming calls.
The icon on the Assignment bar changes to indicate the active call handling mode. ShoreTel uses
this mode to handle all incoming calls until you manually select a different mode or an automatic
mode transition is performed by the system schedule.
Enabling Additional Devices to Ring Simultaneously
Additional devices can ring simultaneously when someone calls your extension or your DID number.
When you answer the call on one of the devices, you are connected to the caller and the other devices
stop ringing.
Note that if your system has gone down, or you have moved one of the devices, you must reconfigure
the devices to enable simultaneous ringing.
Ringing additional devices
1. From the ShoreTel button choose Options.
2. Click Incoming Call Routing from the Options and Preferences window.
The Incoming Call Routing page is displayed.
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