Making and Managing Calls Overview
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 22
With ShoreTel Communicator you have integrated telephone-to-telephone call capabilities. This
means that you can use either a telephone or your computer to:
Specify your communication device
Define call routing
Make calls
Answer calls
Transfer calls
Route a call
Place a call on hold
Record a call
Mute a call
Send digits while on a call
Create a conference call
End calls
Making and managing special types of calls, usually done by operators and assistants, is explained in
Chapter 7, Special Features on page 70. Information on ShoreTel Communicator’s Presence feature,
which you can use to inform colleagues of your, and be informed of their, availability to receive a call
can be found in Chapter 5, Presence and Contacts on page 53.
You can customize how ShoreTel Communicator interacts with your communication device by:
Suppressing the call waiting tone, which is a signal inserted into the audio path during a voice call
to alert you of an inbound call. Calls that you receive when the call waiting tone is suppressed are
handled as specified by your active call handling mode.
Specifying the prefix that must be dialed to make an external call, so that you do not have dial the
Choosing the sounds to be played for incoming internal and external calls.
Identifying the language used to display your IP phone messages.
For information, see the section Specifying Telephony Options on page 92.
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