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You can also open the ShoreTel Communicator window on your desktop from the ShoreTel notification
The ShoreTel notification icon turns gray when ShoreTel Communicator is disconnected from the
Organizing Your Desktop
You can organize your desktop to reflect how you use ShoreTel Communicator. Your desktop can be
organized by:
Displaying ShoreTel Communicator content windows in a separate standalone window.
Choosing a viewing mode.
Showing specific ShoreTel Communicator window components.
Specifying that ShoreTel Communicator is always the top application.
Displaying Separate Content Windows
ShoreTel Communicator content windows can be displayed in a separate standalone window, by right-
clicking on the window header or tab, and dragging the window to a place on your desktop. A separate
window can contain more than one content window (the additional windows are displayed as tabs).
Alternatively, a separate window can be opened for each content window.
Separate windows can be combined, and a separate window can be dragged back to the Content area
if desired. Combining separate windows displays drop targets in the receiving window – one for each
side of the window, and one for the center. As you move the separate window into a receiving window,
select the drop target icon representing the area where you want to place the dragged window and
then release. A preview shadow indicates where the window will be placed.
Moving a separate window back into the Content area of the ShoreTel Communicator window displays
two sets of drop targets. The outer targets are used for adding the Content area to hold the window.
The interior drop targets are used to incorporate the separate window into the existing Content area.
You must have the Enable Drag-and-Drop Window Arrangement option selected to display these
windows on your desktop, as explained in the section Personalizing ShoreTel Communicator on page
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