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ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 17
If you want to include fax numbers in the Directory window right-click menu, select the Show fax
numbers option, as explained in the section Personalizing ShoreTel Communicator on page 97.
From the Directory window, you can also:
Make phone calls
Initiate an IM session
Create voice mail
Send an email
Speed Dial Window
The Speed Dial window provides a list of contacts that you can call by speed dialing. The first ten
contacts in the Speed Dial window are associated with a numeric key.
In addition to initiating voice calls, you can add, remove, and edit speed dial contacts from this window.
Conference Web Portal
The Conference Web Portal window opens in your browser, allowing you to make a conference call.
Refer to the ShoreTel Conferencing User Guide for information.
Status Bar
The Status bar, located at the bottom of the ShoreTel Communicator window, displays error and status
ShoreTel Notification Icon
The notification area of the Windows taskbar displays the ShoreTel icon when ShoreTel Communicator
is running.
Resting your cursor on the icon displays your phone number or extension. Clicking the icon opens the
ShoreTel Communicator window on your desktop.
By right-clicking on the ShoreTel notification icon, and choosing the appropriate command from the
resulting menu, you can do the following without having to open the ShoreTel Communicator window:
Access the ShoreTel Communicator Dial menu, Windows menu, and View menu.
Assign extensions
Set your IM presence
Identify how your incoming calls are handled
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