Getting Started Content Area and Content Windows
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 15
You can easily move between ShoreTel Communicator content windows by clicking the appropriate
tab at the bottom of the Content area. Content windows can also be displayed in a separate
standalone window. Refer to Displaying Separate Content Windows on page 18 for details.
Call Details Window
The Call Details window shows information on an active call, including the destination or origination of
the call and the call routing. You can also use the Call Details window to add information on the active
call by creating a call note.
Contacts Window
You use the Contacts window to list the contact you call most frequently. You can add entries from the
system directory, Microsoft Outlook, and your personal contacts. Then you can group the entries to
make it easier to find the contact you want. The Contacts window also indicates the presence of a
The appearance of the Contents window toolbar can be changed by clicking Customize and using the
Customize Toolbar dialog box to:
Change the button style
Show or hide a button
Move a button to a different location on the toolbar
To return the toolbar to its default appearance, right-click on the toolbar and from the resulting menu
choose Reset Toolbar.
From the Contacts window, you can also:
Make and manage phone calls
Create a voice mail
Initiate an IM session
Send an email
History Window
The History window displays all previous incoming and outgoing calls. You can also make and manage
calls from the History window.
Information on a call is displayed in columns and includes whether the call was incoming or outgoing,
the name and phone number of the person who made or received the call, the date and time of the
call, and call duration. Additional columns provide information on:
Call Note. Shows information associated with the call.
Account Code. Displays the account code associated with a call.
GUID. A number that identifies a call record.
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