Getting Started ShoreTel Button
ShoreTel 14.2 ShoreTel Communicator for Windows 11
The components of your ShoreTel Communicator window may be different depending on how your
system administrator has configured the application, your platform, and the current viewing mode.
Viewing modes are explained in Choosing a Viewing Mode on page 19.
You can customize the ShoreTel Communicator user interface by specifying the:
Language used.
Background color of ShoreTel Communicator windows and panels.
Amount of time ShoreTel Communicator is idle before being hidden.
Keyboard focus when ShoreTel Communicator becomes active.
Refer to Identifying the Language to Be Used on page 97 and Personalizing ShoreTel Communicator
on page 97 for details.
ShoreTel Button
The ShoreTel button appears as the ShoreTel logo in the upper left corner of the ShoreTel
Communicator window. Clicking on the ShoreTel button displays commands for the most common
features and to access online Help.
Content Area
Active Call Area
Status Bar
ShoreTel Button Assignment Bar
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