ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
Supported ShoreTel releases: 12.0 and higher.
The ShoreTel HQ Server runs on a Windows server and manages the voice communications solution by
distributing call control intelligence to voice switches. In addition, it distributes voice applications, including
voice mail systems and automated attendants. The ShoreTel database is also located on the HQ server.
For the ShoreTel Communicator Integration Solution, licenses are installed on the HQ server.
The (optional) ShoreTel DVS Server allows you to run ShoreTel in a distributed environment, providing
faster local queries, reduced network traffic, improved scalability, and reliable telephony services for a
remote location during WAN outages.
For information on ShoreTel system requirements, refer to the ShoreTel Planning and Installation Guide.
You configure and manage the integrated components of the ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform
using ShoreTel Director; see the ShoreTel Administration Guide for specifics.
ShoreTel for IBM Sametime Solution
ShoreTel for IBM Sametime Integration Solution enhances the Sametime Connect client by providing
features for making, answering, and managing voice calls and working with voice mail. ShoreTel for IBM
Sametime Integration Solution is made up of:
IBM Sametime Integration Services
Installed on the ShoreTel HQ and all DVS servers. These services provide access to voice mail,
number resolution, telephony presence, and other features.
TeamCall CSTA Server
Integrates IP telephony applications with the ShoreTel Unified Communications Platform using an
open standard interface based on the Computer Supported Telephony Application (CSTA) protocol.
The CSTA server is installed on the same server as the Sametime Integration Services (i.e. the
ShoreTel HQ and all DVS servers).
ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime Plug-Ins
Enhances the Sametime Connect client with the ability to make and manage calls, and work with
voice mail. The plug-in features are available in either the standalone Sametime Connect application
or the Sametime Connect client embedded in Lotus Notes.
The IBM Sametime architecture is based on the Eclipse rich client architecture. ShoreTel Communicator
for Sametime is an Eclipse-based plug-in that extends Sametime functionality.
The ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime Plug-In is installed on the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect
client (either standalone or embedded in Lotus Notes). The client plug-in communicates with the
Sametime Integration Services and CSTA Server on the ShoreTel HQ or optional DVS server.
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