Maintenance and Troubleshooting
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
When the HQ server is down, existing users are only able to use the system for up to 24 hours.
New users are unable to use the system.
When a user is moved from an HQ server to a DVM server, or vice versa, the client needs to be
Call Control Limitations
Administrators are unable to set call forwards conditions for call handling model using Call Control
Lite. Use instead the telephone or ShoreTel Director.
Administrators are unable to drop a leg on a conference all with 4 to 6 participants using Call Control
Lite. Instead use the telephone.
Only system extensions can be added to a Sametime contact.
For remote users, when a call is put on hold there is no indication that the call is on hold.
Personal contacts, from outside the system, cannot be added to the Sametime Connect standalone
Users cannot drop a call on hold.
Calls made before Sametime Connect is launched are not displayed in ShoreTel Communicator for
Sametime. Calls made after Sametime Connect is launched are shown.
Blind conference calls are not supported.
Limit in the number of simultaneous calls. ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime can only make up
to 6 simultaneous calls.
Only one outgoing calls can be made at a time; simultaneous calls are not supported.
Workgroup calls are displayed as a conference call once answered.
SCA/BCA calls do not appear in the active call area.
Remote users are unable to see other user extensions in the Call menu if the HQ server is down.
Unified Messaging Limitations
Voice mail cannot be forwarded via the Sametime client, but can be forwarded via the ShoreTel
The originating voice mail cannot be attached when replying to a message.
Voice mail cannot be sent to, or answered, from a group or distribution list.
Forwarded voice mail cannot be played via the Sametime client, however it can be played via the
ShoreTel Telephone.
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