Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Problems when Using ShoreTel Communicator for
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
Phone Number Displayed as Two Incomplete Numbers
A call is made and the call is not placed. This occurs when Sametime is unable to dial a number that
includes a space in the LDAP configuration. In this case, the space must be removed from the LDAP
number configuration.
Incoming and Active Calls Not Displayed in Active Call Area
Incoming and active calls fail to display in the active call area. When this occurs, the client must be
restarted and the ilink Sametime Integration Services using Service.msc on the HQ/DVS server must be
Inactive Feature
If a feature is inactive or grayed out, your configuration may be incomplete.
No Telephony Presence
Sametime does not display telephony presence making the user unable to determine a contacts
telephony presence. Restart the ilink Sametime Integration Services using Services.msc on the HQ/DVS
Call Handling Mode and Softphone Cannot be Selected
The call handling mode and the Softphone as default telephony device are grayed out. Check the
connection between CA-CSIS (a.k.a ilink CSIS Connector) and the ShoreTel CSIS service by telnetting to
the CA-CSIS. Using any telnet client, telnet to the HQ/DVS server on port 2800. In the console enter
isa_isready. If the resulting state is 1, the connection is good. Any other return value indicates that CA-
CSIS is not talking to ShoreTel CSIS.
If CA-CSIS is not talking to ShoreTel CSIS, restart the ilink CSIS Connector (i.e. the CA-CSIS) on the
HQ/DVS server.
Unable to Integrate Lotus Notes Calendar
Users with Lotus Notes with embedded Sametime Connect can automatically set their call handling mode
from the Lotus Notes calendar. To resolve, on the Domino Server, DIIOP must be enabled for calendar
integration. To enable DIIOP:
1. RDP to the Sametime/Domino server.
2. Use Notepad to open the file %ProgramFiles%\IBM\Lotus\Domino\notes.ini.
3. Find the parameter
4. Add DIIOP to the end of the line, so that the parameter looks like
5. Save the file.
6. Open the Lotus Domino Console.
7. Type restart server and wait up to 5 minutes. You should then see DIIOP Server: Started
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