Maintenance and Troubleshooting
ShoreTel Communicator for IBM Sametime
Admin Guide
Maintaining ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime involves working with licenses and updating the
application. This chapter also provides information on problems when using ShoreTel Communicator for
Sametime, log files, and limitations to help you troubleshoot the system.
Working with Licenses
Initially, you are provided with a temporary demonstration license key, which allows you to use ShoreTel
Communicator for Sametime for 100 users for 45 days. During this period you need to install the
permanent license key.
You can view license information on ShoreTel Communicator for Sametime using the license-info.xml file
on the ShoreTel server, which can be found at %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel Communicator for
Sametime\Application Server\license
file is also in that directory. It is used to
unassign licenses.
Viewing License Information
The file license-info.xml is located on the HQ Server at %ProgramFiles%\ilink\ShoreTel Communicator
for Sametime\Application Server\license. The file can be viewed using a text editor; it cannot be edited.
The license-info.xml displays multiple <license> subsections in the <licenses> section; there is a
subsection for the temporary license and for each permanent license.
For a temporary license, the license-info.xml file contains information on the number of temporary
licenses currently available and the expiration date of the temporary license.
The license-info.xml file contains the following information:
A timestamp indicating when the file was last updated
The total number of licenses you have
The number of licenses currently in use (assigned)
The number of unused licenses
The name of users with currently assigned licenses
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